Activated Carbon as an Odor Control Media – Carbon Direct

Unique Odor Control Media: HiCOR, under US Patent No. 7,241,430 Unlike any other odor control media on the current marketplace, this is one kind of carbon media combined with premium quality bituminous coal and selected active ingredients produced by the special manufacturing technology. It gives HiCOR extraordinary high H2S breakthrough capacity. This odor control media is not impregnated and therefore, does not suffer the serious problem associated with alkali-impregnated carbons during handling, transportation and waste material disposal. The ignition temperature of HiCOR is closed to the regular coal based carbon (>450°C ). HiCOR is one kind of microporous carbon with a large surface area, well developed pore structure. “Non – impregnated” HiCOR means all of the pore volume and surface area can be used to absorb Sulfur element during the process of catalytic and oxidative to H2S. See the data sheet: HiCOR.