Buy Activated Carbon Direct

Carbon Direct specializes in the import and distribution of Activated Carbon in the United States, China and Canada. Our main product is Activated Carbon which has leading commercial applications including water treatment, gas purification, gold recovery, food processing, and solvent recovery. A wide range of products from fine powder to large machined sharp which is a extruded pellet, meeting the requirements of our customers. Working alongside our suppliers, Carbon Direct has firmly established its presence in the international marketplace. Our efficient and highly experienced staff guarantee quality customer service, timely deliveries, and are able to meet most specific customer requests or challenges.

While working closely with our customers, Carbon Direct’s multifaceted services have achieved a reputation of high quality, reliability and timeliness. Carbon Direct certifies all of its products with a money back guarantee. Our warehouse locations include the Greater Los Angeles Area, Houston, TX, Newark, NJ and Tianjin, China. We ensure a one-week delivery to any location in the US or China.

We have successfully established mutually beneficial business relationships with our suppliers and customers. In an effort to meet the challenges of today’s competitive market,when you are looking to buy activated carbon, Carbon Direct will continue to provide high quality products, superior customer service, and competitive pricing.




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